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Re:GSoC 2017 Proposal: Julia Integration in Kdevelop

>Hi Geetam,

>I'm a little surprised you've picked a project where you add support
>for a language to an IDE when you say you have only elementary
>knowledge of Julia.
I don't think that my lack of in-depth knowledge of julia will affect the quality of plugin that I will develop as it will be done with the help of a language server. Most of the code will be written in c++.

>Have you ever used Julia before?
I used it in my university course for numerical methods.

>Was Julia good enough for your use-case? 
Yes, It worked pretty well.

>Why are you motivated enough to add support for that particular language into KDevelop?
What impressed me about julia is how easy is it to get something done in julia and yet it is as fast as languages like go and rust, also going by the trends it is likely to get more popular as time goes by.

>In between that and the fact that you'll be unavailable for 4 weeks or
>so for your university finals I'm a little sceptical about this
I am sorry perhaps I should have formatted it better, but May 16 to June 7 is about 3 weeks, and my university finals take place over a period of 2 weeks, now 
since I do not know the exact schedule of my university finals, I thought it would be a good idea to list 3 weeks a possible period of inactivity. I do not believe in over-promising and under delivering. Since April 4 - May 30 is community bonding period I can probably spare some time to get to know people on IRC better even if exams are going on but I feel I have been doing that already (not to say I am unwilling to bond more), I try to answer any answer on stackoverflow about kdevelop I can and try to help anyone on IRC whenever I can but mostly I go there to get help :p

So after the coding period begins, I will be unavailable for only a week, to compensate for that I plan to send some patches before the start of official coding period, I thought it was not a good Idea to mention that in the proposal as official coding period does not begin until 30 May.

>This is not to discourage you, but GSoC isn't exactly easy.
>You're working on a project and working at the same level as a
>professional job. There *will* be times when nothing works and you
>want to flip your laptop and throw it away. This is why apart from
>coding skills the best proposals also include some sort of personal
>stake in the project, so that there's still a reason to not give up
>when nothing seems to be working and you don't know why.

Thank you, this has made me realize that there were several shortcomings in my proposal, due to which I have totally failed to convey a tone that suggests commitment, Actually I am quite willing to dedicate my whole summer to this project, I was actually planning to work 10 hrs a day for the whole summer to make sure that
the project is a success but I didn't mention it in my proposal since I was too focused on the implementation section.

>I'd be happy if you could answer the three questions I've posed in the
>first paragraph.

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