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Re: kde on windows

On Monday, 27 March 2017 0:46:29 IDT Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Am 31.07.2016 um 07:32 schrieb Doug:
> > Gentlemen:
> > 
> > I don't know what you think you've accomplished by limiting KDE on
> > Windows to just 4 files. Sometimes it's necessary to use Windows, and
> > it is (WAS!) nice to
> > be able to use some KDE apps: Artha, KSnapshot, Dolphin, Find
> > Files-Folders, Okular, Gwenview, KPatience. And Kate--the only file
> > you left me that I use!
> > And I don't want Amarok--that seems to be what you get if you're not
> > careful!
> > 
> > I have several computers, and several Windows installs, as well as
> > PCLOS on all of them. I use PCLOS about 95% of the time, but when I
> > need Windows,
> > damn it! I need it!
> > 
> > Please reconsider your dismal advice and let me have the apps that
> > make Windows bearable! (32 and 64 bit, please!)
> > 
> > Thanx--Doug McGarrett, KDE user for over 5 years
> > 
> > PS: Please advise me if or when you bring back the apps!

If you are on Win10 , I have had some partial success on win10 with some KDE 
apps under lxss.

You can have some kde apps on windows , and I have managed to work with 
okular. You should be safe with anything under 14.04 LTS (default dist under 

As for neon under under lxss, It failed miserably. Maybe when neon could be 
loaded under lxss  there would be an easier way to use KF5 apps on windows 
(without even kde-windows).