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Re: GSoC Project Proposal: Make High-DPI awesome


this proposal makes me happy, not only because I have a 4K Screen, but
also because Lukas was a Student in a course at University about
Software Engineering in C++/Qt of which I was part of the teaching team.
And we need more people in Austria involved into KDE :)

On 2017-03-21 00:34, Lukas Hetzenecker wrote:
> I’m looking also forward to any feedback you have about this proposal.

I would really love to see the results of such a project. As I wrote you
in a personal mail, for me HiDpi works already mostly well,but some
Applications still have problems with it.

E.g. Java FX (starting from Java 9) Applications check the GDK_SCALE
environment variable, which by default isn't set. Also some applications
have in my experience problems if QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS is set (e.g.
VLC & JetBrains Toolbox)

I especially like the following parts of your proposal:
* Polishing user interface for HiDPI settings. Extend it, so it allows
  different scale factors for multiple screens. [my external 27" 4K
Monitor could need a smaller scaling factor than my 15" 4K Laptop Screen]
* If possible, try to also force other applications to use configured
  settings when starting a KDE workspace (Firefox? Google Chrome? GTK?


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