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Re: Merging KMag frameworks branch to master

On 05.03.2017 23:59, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
I had a quick look and features seem to work as good/bad in the frameworks
branch as in master.

If noone disagrees I'll do the merge on March 13th.

Jeremy Whiting had a list somewhere on todo.kde.org with tasks that blocked merging. I only remember two, because I was responsible for them, but I think there were more.

First, I did not correctly port the saving to remote image via KIO. Someone familiar with KIO could look at https://cgit.kde.org/kmag.git/commit/?h=frameworks&id=daa05153573ace5bb7647971a7a21dc724777a4f and correct it.

Second, https://cgit.kde.org/kmag.git/commit/?h=frameworks&id=1f8e4208d72c7f9ce6fa739f477151aab1fadccf enabled building against QAccessibilityClient, but I could not test it.