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Re: Problems with KConfig XT and a string list

El diumenge, 5 de març de 2017, a les 12:41:31 CET, Alexander Reinholdt va 
> Hello,
> I'm currently struggling with a problem that was reported against Smb4K (bug
> report here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=377062). When you define
> a default string list in KConfig XT as follows, its list items are not
> extracted to the translation catalogs and, thus, cannot be translated:

"default" values are never extracted since you can't know whether they need 
translation or not. What you want is to use the "code" capability

> [...]
>     <entry name="ProfilesList" type="StringList">
>       <label>Profiles</label>
>       <whatsthis>The list of profiles.</whatsthis>
>       <default>Home,Work</default>
>     </entry>
> [...]
> I searched the documentation and the web, but did not find an answer. So,
> can someone on this list please tell me, how this is done properly?

See for example player1Name entry in 
It's a string, but you can do the same for a stringlist.

Note that this is not "extraction", it's extraction and returned as a 
translated string, not sure if what calls getProfilesList in your case always 
wants a translated string or you also need them in non translated form.

You also need to process with xgettext the kcfg file then


> Best regards
> Alexander