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KIO-GDrive Install on KDE Neon LTS 5.8

I'm sorry to ask such a newbie question here, but after searching form several hours, I couldn't find any help and this is my last hope.

I'm trying to install kio-gdrive on my KDE Neon without success.

I've just setup the system which is a Neon LTS 5.8 with Plasma 5.8.5, KDE Frameworks 5.31, Qt 5.7.1 and LiquorixAMD64 as the kernel.

kio-gdrive does not appear on the repositories I have and sudo apt-get install kio-gdrive does not work.

Please, someone be as kind as helping me find a way to properly add the repository I need to have kio-gdrive installed.


Wander de Castro Silva