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Re: Review Request 129839: KFileMetaData: add a new property DiscNumber for audio files from multi-disc albums

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Review request for Baloo.
By Matthieu Gallien.

Updated Feb. 5, 2017, 3:16 p.m.


Add DiscNumber enum value as the last value and before LastProperty and PropertyCount values. Add a little bit of documentation.

Repository: kfilemetadata


the new property is appended at the end of the existing enums such that binary compatibility is kept. The special values at the end of the enums are currently only used by automatic tests of KFileMetaData. There should be no harm by this commit.

At time of this commit, lxr.kde.org shows no user of the special values at the end of the enum. My patch should not cause any problems.

One interesting question is how to manage caching of new properties in Baloo when one modify KFileMetaData. I currently have no idea.

There should be more patches to add new properties after this review if needed (some music related properties are still missing).


Automatic tests are still all OK on my setup.

I have modified my music player to makes use of it and it works.

I have not yet any clear idea how to makes Baloo reindex the files to cache new properties.

Diffs (updated)

  • autotests/taglibextractortest.cpp (d46e49ea6a189d16459799100ec49480bed893c3)
  • src/extractors/taglibextractor.cpp (8fcad93ca4fc6572a412c1f729d1ef361dd7e8cf)
  • src/properties.h (1763b9bfa4a250231932e588edbd6bebc4af3f0a)
  • src/propertyinfo.cpp (97003ae70c683eb73e2ecd84899ae35d29edaefc)

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