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Hello KDE devs,

I'm a senior year CS student and a KDE user since good ol' KDE3 times. I'm fluent in C++ (used CMAKE and boost in school projects) and somewhat familiar with Qt.

Though wanted to contribute (and had already been subscribed to this list), I couldn't have the spare time. Now I have a bit spare time and I would like to contribute KDE. I think I can start from a bug of powerdevil I've reported [1].  Now I need some guidance about building powerdevil from source since I got some errors at my first attempt to build it using kdesrc-build as suggested here [2].

Any suggestions and thanks for replies


[1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=371915
[2] https://community.kde.org/Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Build_from_source


Ongun Kanat

Istanbul Technical University

Computer Engineering Student