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Re: Guidance for contributing to kde

On 25.01.2017 10:20, Kartikey singh wrote:
Hi I'm appearing for gsoc 2017. Being a newbie  I don't know where to start
could you please guide me on how to contribute to the KDE projects. I'm
familiar with c++ and will be learning qt.

First, you need to set a goal. What do you want to improve? Any bug that bothers you? Any feature that you would think would be nice to have? Any other idea to make our products or websites better? Your creativity counts. We do not force a task on you. Do not just start with a random simple task, but with a task that you are eager to spend your energy on.

Then, you will certainly need help to move forward to reach the goal. You will need help setting up your system. Need help wading through our (maybe outdated or incorrect) documentation. Get the help you need by searching the net, the forums, the mailing lists. If you get stuck, tell us what you have done so far. Ask on mailing lists, freenode IRC channels, or developer forums.

You need patience and persistence, but you are rewarded with fun and experience.

Christoph Feck
KDE Quality Team