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Re: Preferred way for an application to inhibit suspend on KDE

> If you are on a dev edition it's probably a temporary bug. User
> edition should work fine.
Well I downloaded the KDE Neon "User LTS Edition" from 2016-12-29. Now,
I noticed on the website that there's another LTS edition from
2017-01-19, and I'm starting to wonder if the LTS edition might be a
daily snapshot...

Anyway, I'm grabbing this 2017-01-19 right now, whatever dev/daily/lts
edition it might be, then I'll let you know if PowerManagement is back.

> Also it was pointed out on IRC that login1 might not work with plasma
> as the power manager tells login1 to sod off. Whether or not that is
> in fact the case I do not know though ^^
I already noticed that, although I'm not on KDE. But on my simple
Openbox setup, where PowerManagement daemon is running, using
`systemd-inhibit`has no effect. So I figured something like that...