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Re: Preferred way for an application to inhibit suspend on KDE

Thanks for the information.

I'm running KDE Neon on a virtual machine, downloaded from
<https://neon.kde.org>, and I can tell you that there's no
'org.freedesktop.PowerManagement' or 'org.kde.Solid.PowerManagement',
that's why I'm a bit puzzled.

> FWIW, I would always call login1. In fact, I would always call
everything, worst case you inhibit on multiple fronts, but given 1
inhibition is equal to N inhibitions it makes no difference. Trying to
figure out which of the 5 gazillion interfaces to call is nothing but a
source of tears.

Lol, yeah I peeked in the code of caffeine-ng, and indeed that's what
the author does, he just inhibits with every way possible at the same
time. I find it a bit crude, but I guess he found out it works best like

Cheers :)