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AppStream issues with various KDE applications

Hi all,

We've been looking at the AppStream extractor issues in Fedora 25, and
we've come across quite a few broken KDE applications. Broken apps are
not visible in the Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSUSE application installers.
The apps include:

 * Kjots
 * braindump
 * choqok
 * kgraphviewer
 * konqueror
 * org.kde.bomber
 * org.kde.bovo
 * org.kde.cervisia
 * org.kde.kaddressbook
 * org.kde.knotes
 * org.kde.labplot2
 * org.kde.renku
 * org.kde.spectacle
 * org.kde.zanshin
 * screengrab
 * yakuake

The full list, along with what failed is available here:
https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/screenshots/f25/failed.html --
you can restrict this list to KDE apps by clicking the [x] button next
to the "KDE" header and the [✓] button next to the "Addons" header.

If you want any suggestions or advice, I'm happy to help. Most of the
failures are pretty self explanatory, e.g. "No <summary> in AppData"
or "icon was too small 32x32" -- our guidelines are here:

As a reminder, you can validate AppData files using: appstream-util
validate-relax file.appdata.xml

Comments welcome, thanks.