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Re: Dropping the svn kio from kdesdk-kioslaves

Am 16.12.2016 um 11:32 schrieb Kevin Funk:
If the SVN kioslave is standalone, wouldn't it make more sense to actually
keep it in a separate repository/package? So users who just want the Dolphin
integration can just use that?

Wouldn't it make more sense to move your kioslave implementation into kdesdk-
kioslaves, replacing the older copy?

I'm not sure whether Albert just wants to kill the repository or he's just
phasing old unmaintained software. In case of the latter, updating the copy
with the better maintained version probably makes more sense.
I took a look into kdesdk-kioslaves - the code for svn there is completely different from kdesvn kioslave. Therefore I would suggest to remove kdesdk-kioslaves/svn because I won't maintain two different implementations for one protocol. A distro packager can separate the kdesvn kioslave into a separate package, at least this is what I would expect looking at the kdesvn code.