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Re: Review Request 129349: [baloo] add (and use) FileIndexerConfig::shouldFileBeIndexed(const QStringRef&)

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Review request for Baloo.
By Christian Ehrlicher.

Updated Dec. 13, 2016, 7:39 p.m.


Changed the last issue to use QVector<QStringRef> and QRegularExpression instead QRegExp (tested it with local testcase).

Repository: baloo


Use the new QStringRef class to avoid creation of temporary QString objects. Since every filename is sent through FileIndexerConfig::shouldFileBeIndexed(), I think this is a good optimization although now there are two functions for FileIndexerConfig::shouldFileBeIndexed() and RegExpCache::exactMatch() - one with QString and one with QStringRef ...

Diffs (updated)

  • src/engine/queryparser.cpp (d096bf3)
  • src/file/fileindexerconfig.h (10eacd5)
  • src/file/fileindexerconfig.cpp (0e4f4c4)
  • src/file/modifiedfileindexer.cpp (d1f5011)
  • src/file/newfileindexer.cpp (7e19622)
  • src/file/regexpcache.h (60d370d)
  • src/file/regexpcache.cpp (61f07d6)
  • src/file/xattrindexer.cpp (3daecef)
  • src/kioslaves/tags/kio_tags.cpp (de2e6d7)
  • src/kioslaves/timeline/timelinetools.cpp (26e44ee)

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