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Atelier - KDE for 3DPrinting

Hi everyone,
In the last 4 months, I, Patrick Pereira and Chris Rizzitello started Atelier, a 3DPrinting host to control 3DPrinters.
Now we have a good basis to start to talk a little more about this project inside the community.
AtCore, our API to control the serial communication is stable and so far, trustworthy.
Now we need to find more testers for this API, so if you have a 3DPrinter, with an open source Firmware, and have the will to help us, please do.
For more information, you can find us on freenode #kde-atelier or on our telegram group: telegram.me/KDEAtelier

​Thanks for your attention,
My best regards,​

Lays Rodrigues
Software Developer at KDE
Computer Science Student at Federal Fluminense University
Telegram: @lays147
IRC: lays147