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Google Code-in tasks -- we need them NOW

Hello folks, November 28th looms, and we are below our needed task count.

* If you have already been invited to the GCi webapp, please get your
tasks into the system now. We especially need beginning tasks, which
can be the same as tasks last year, and they can be reused as often as
we need them.

* If you have not yet been invited, or have not been able to accept
the invitation, please write to kde-soc-management@xxxxxxx and ask.

** If you want to mentor but are not subscribed to
KDE-Soc-Mentor@xxxxxxx, please do so ASAP, and remember to confirm
your email before pinging us to be accepted. It is important that this
list be only for mentors, so that we can speak openly and honestly
about issues. Unfortunately this means that those doing SoK projects
right now will not be able to function as mentors.

* Former Google Summer of Code students, however, are especially
welcome to come on board as mentors. Please connect with your team
about tasks and timing.

As the webapp says:

Contest begins: November 28, 2016

You have 5 days to create your minimum of 75 tasks for the initial
launch and invite and assign mentors to the tasks.

At this point we have not even 40!