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Re: Tray icon by system_tray_request_dock protocol

On 23.11.2016 17:40, David Edmundson wrote:

What about the effect that embedding works on first run of application only? Is it expected behavior or can it be circumvented?

That's not expected. If it works on any other tray, that sounds like a bug in our side.
Not sure what, as I can't reproduce it starting a GTK2 multiple times. (using latest Plasma)

Yes it works with other desktop environments, for example KDE 3.5 and IIRC KDE 4 too.

The original size of the icon window in the test example is 50*50, it seems that the proxy does not see that size in first embedding call.

Possibly.I get the size with xcb_get_geometry at the time we get the SYSTEM_TRAY_REQUEST_DOCK
before I do the embedding.

I'll recheck if the window size is correct at that time.

It does seem like we could move that slighlty later.
I don't monitor for the client size changing, but I do reload it every time we get a damage event.

That would explain why it works the second time.

Is it also expected that the background painted by the widget is not visible in tray area?

A background as in XCB_CW_BACK_PIXEL?

I think that's expected, we just do xcb_image_get to get the image data.

No, it is an area filled by xfillpolygon(), MSEgui uses xlib.