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Re: Tray icon by system_tray_request_dock protocol

Note, that we consider embedded trays legacy, and instead support the modern protocol:

For best results, mseide should use that.
You'll get better results in Unity too.

You're using our compatibility layer, which due to various technical reasons, we don't actually embed the window in the dock.
Instead it's hidden and the image is proxied through to our UI using the specification above.
As you've found out, it's not perfect. Particularly as there are so many different behaviours with different clients.

Clicks and mousewheel are forwarded, mouse move is not.

Resizing is weird; some apps went mental when resized and just broke, some apps expected it.
I "solved" this by only resizing if the window being embedded is bigger than our embed size (32x32)
In that case you should be getting a configure event after embedding.

You should be able to see a log of this proxy layer with:
killall xembedsniproxy
QT_LOGGING_RULES=kde.xembedsniproxy.debug=true xembedsniproxy