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Tray icon by system_tray_request_dock protocol

I tried several days - without success - to fix the
tray-icon functionality of MSEide+MSEgui toolkit:
for KDE 5.5.5 on OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1.

MSEgui applications send a system_tray_request_dock message to the owner
of the _NET_SYSTEM_TRAY_Sx selection.
After sending system_tray_request_dock I get a _XEMBED client message
for the icon window. The icon window is reparented, size is untouched
and the icon painted by the icon window is visible in tray but not
centered because of the wrong size.
The background and other sections of the icon window seem to be
transparent. The icon window gets mouse click events but no mouse move
After destroying the icon window and creating a new icon window similar
to the first attempt the icon window size will be changed to the actual
size, the icon shows now at right position because of the right size.
Background still is transparent, mousemove events are still missing.
Now I terminate the application and start it again. In this second and
any later run there is no reaction on system_tray_request_dock.
After restarting KDE the game starts again...
What is wrong?

P.S: If this is the wrong list please point to the right one.

Thanks, Martin