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Re: kate/kwrite - set icons for 'find' 'replace' toolbars?

On tisdag 22 november 2016 kl. 23:33:41 EET David C. Rankin wrote:

> All,


> Switching icon themes, the icons for 'Match case sensitive' and 'Switch to

> power search and replace bar' completely disappear? And if you are using

> the Breeze theme where there are no real buttons, the options just vanish.


> You can move your mouse over the area and button-highlight will outline

> where the icons should be, but that's it. I would like to hardwire those

> icons to standard named icons that are present in all icon sets, but there

> doesn't appear to be a way to edit those toolsbars as choosing

> edit-toolbars have only the 'Main <kwrite>' and 'Main <KatePartView>' -- no

> other selections.


> How can I change the icons for these two buttons?


This seems to be the unfortunate situation that those icons do not exist in your selected icon-set and that the fall-back mechanism does not find suitable icons either :(


Match case icon: format-text-superscript

Switch to power..: games-config-options


Search plugin:

Expand results: view-list-tree

RegExp : code-context


Copying these icons to your selected theme should fix it, but that fixes it only for you...


In my experiments with different themes I noticed that some themes did not return almost any icons :(