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Howto disable kate/kwrite autoindent following if, loop, or open-brace


  How do you disable the automatic indention of the next line after an 'if',
'for', 'while' or open-brace, etc.. There are many, many times, I just want to
maintain the current indention level, for whatever reason, and the new indent
behavior in kate/kwrite wants to think for me now and automatically indent the
next line of code. Then it wants to think for me again and decrease the
indention level when I type the closing brace. It's quite annoying really in
certain circumstances.

  When I set the level of indention I want with ctrl+i, I don't want the
editor thinking it knows better than I do where the next line of code should
start. How do I turn this off?  Is there an unpublished switch I can add to
katepartrc or another config that will disable this behavior?

  I like the normal behavior of the editor maintaining the current levels of
indent for C, bash, normal text, etc.. and I've never before had the problem
of it wanting to outsmart me and indent by itself. If I want the next line
indented further, then I want to simply press ctrl+i again and set it, rather
than continually having to hit backspace to undo what the editor did on its own.

  If this is the new default behavior for script and code, then an option to
disable this behavior is needed. And it should be an option, because there is
nothing wrong with offering this behavior. I can see how some people would
like the help with indention, but for the rest, this new feature is just
another annoyance that gets in the way if it cannot be turned off.

  Does such an option currently exist, or would this take code modification to
disable this behavior?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.