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kate/kwrite search/replace no longer loads word following cursor by default -- intended?


  I have stumbled across another issue with the kate/kwrite search/replace
dialog. The dialog no longer loads the word following the cursor into the
search dialog by default. For example, with the cursor (insertion point) as
shown by the pipe ('|') below:

   |register size_t sz = 0;
    register char *p = (char *)s;

the word 'register' is no longer be loaded into the 'search' edit window of
the search/replace dialog by default. I don't know when this broke, but in
using kate/kwrite (k3) for close to the past decade, the search/replace dialog
has always loaded the word following the cursor as the default search term.
This was a great keystroke saving feature.

  Is the failure to load the search term by default intended in plasma/fw5?
Or, is this a regression that needs reporting?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.