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Strange behavior in the task manager


In my customized Kubuntu 16.04 (plasma 5.6.5, framework 5.23.0, and applications 15.12.3) there is a strange behavior in my task manager.

Please see this screenshot:


When I open dolphin, the icon in the task manager will be shown correctly, then in a second it will be changed into another icon (as shown in the screenshot), which used to be the icon of "My Computer" desktop file, which actually launched dolphin.  However it is no longer used.

In the "icon-only" task manager the icon is correct.  Only in the task manager the icon of dolphin will be changed to this one.

I re-cached all the icon theme (breeze, Adwaita, default, ... etc).  I couldn't find out why it changed, and why this icon.

Any help will be appreciated.