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Applications (e.g. kwrite/kate) unstyled when launched outside KDE

  Is the lack of window decoration and menu style when applications are
launched via ssh (or from within an alternate desktop, e.g. fluxbox,
XFCE) a limitation of the current theme (Breeze) or is it a limitation
of plasma/kde?

  I stumbled upon this issue running fluxbox when I opened kwrite. The
kwrite config was correctly loaded (color schema, syntax highlight), but
the window decoration and menubar/menus, etc. did not reflect the
configured theme (Breeze Dark). What loaded was the default Qt style.

  Launching k3 kwrite right next to kwrite 16.08.3, loaded with all
configured window decorations and style preserved (Crystal and Keramic).

  Is this the intended behavior, or should the window decoration and
style be present when apps like kwrite/kate are opened from within
another desktop (e.g. fluxbox, XFCE, etc.) on the same computer or
opened via ssh with X11 forwarding?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.