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Re: Desktop Cube > Advanced > Display image on caps (which file is the img?)

On 11.11.2016 18:22, David C. Rankin wrote:

  In kcontol > Desktop Behavior > Desktop Effects > Settings > Advanced
(tab) > Caps: [x] Display image on caps

  what is the path to the image being used?

In Compiz, this was originally set by choosing the image (Cube Caps).

  Also, do hooks still exist to set the 'zoom' independently for the
'cube', 'cylinder', and 'sphere' animations?

  That is needed as setting the zoom for the cube makes the sphere
unusable and makes the cylinder animation too small. Setting the zoom to
make the cylinder look right makes the cube to big and the sphere still
unusable. Setting the zoom on the sphere properly, makes both the cube
and cylinder tiny. They originally had independent zoom settings (Compiz
0.8.8, etc..) If the software hooks still exist for independent zoom, it
shouldn't be too much work to add two additional sliders to the
[Advanced] tab of the setting dialog.

  Also the 'sphere cap deformation' slider does not work on the 'sphere
caps', instead it works by scaling the whole sphere into an oval which
causes the desktop to fly off the sphere with a setting anywhere close
to 50% or above. This is wrong, (an incorrect implementation). The
desktop portion of the sphere should remain unchanged regardless of the
sphere cap deformation, and only the radius of the 'caps' should reduced
as the 'cap deformation' increases (toward the plane end of the slider).

  This may be worth a bug, because as it is, the 'sphere cap
deformation' setting is basically useless.

I suggest to use a different mailing list or forum for these type of questions.

kde-devel is a list aimed at questions from and discussion between KDE developers.

Christoph Feck
KDE Quality Team