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Re: Howto activate floating search/replace on kate/kwrite, howto execute with keyboard?

On 11/10/2016 02:43 PM, Kai Uwe Broulik wrote:
> You can have them permanently show up by changing the setting in
> System Settings -> Application Appearance -> click the Configure
> button next to the "Style: Breeze" combo box and in the resulting
> dialog there's a combo box regarding accelerators.


  Thank you. I do have

Appearance > Application Style > Widget Style > Breeze > Configure... >
General -> Keyboard accelerator visibility: Show Keyboard Acceler|*

selected and they accelerators do Not show in kate find/replace.

(* remainder unreadable as it is clipped by the dialog)

> They'll also show up whilst you hold the Alt key.

Ok, they do show with the 'Alt' key pressed. Default should show all the
time since you cannot read the setting dialog in System Settings due to
clipping. When you look at the default as it is, it makes it look like
it is set to show the accelerators. When I opened the dialog, I saw the
setting as being:

 'Show Keyboard Acceler'

When the actual setting is:

 'Show Keybo...hen Needed'

Those 'html'ized drop boxes are crap. You cannot read the settings no
matter how small your text size is. All you see when you drop down the
list is:

 'Always Hide ...Accelerators'
 'Show Keybo...hen Needed'
 'Always Show...ccelerators'

And the default appearance of the drop-box unexpanded is:

 'Show Keyboard Acceler'

which makes it appear they are set to 'Show'

It is only after you resize the dialog horizontally that you can
actually read the full text of the settings:

 'Always Hide Keyboard Accelerators'
 'Show Keyboard Accelerators When Needed'
 'Always Show Keyboard Accelerators'

I never like using more real-estate, but that dialog needs to be
expanded by default so that the settings are readable. What does it take
to do that in the code?

I've built kde3/qt3 hundreds of times, but I've never tried building the
new qt5 (or whatever the reacquired/new Trolltech is calling it) nor
built kde5 or FW5 (whatever the proper acronym is). Do you know what
part of the code that would live in now? In the old days it was
kdebase/kcontrol, would it still be in the same location?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.