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Howto activate floating search/replace on kate/kwrite, howto execute with keyboard?


  Is there an option to enable the floating search/replace dialogs for
kate/kwrite? The current search/replace dialogs bound to the bottom of
the window do no respect the last used tab sequence making it a pain to
re-apply the same search/replace sequence to different parts of the open
document. Further, while you can tab through and "highlight" the various
buttons and inputs (which takes mashing tab about 8 times to get to
"Replace All"), there is no way to cause the button to actually activate
by pressing the "Enter" key.

  With the floating dialogs, they were smart enough to remember the last
used action and the tab-sequences was much simpler. Further, the last
used action was respected making re-applying the prior search/replace
with a RE a simple matter of

  'ctrl+r' tab 'RE' return

  Now I can't get the replace to work at all without taking my hands off
the keyboard, grabbing the mouse and physically clicking on enter. (then
reset/re-positions hands on keyboard). Is there a way I can either
activate the old floating dialogs, or set the tab sequence and remember
last and have "Enter" actually execute the search/replace?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.