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Re: Does kxmleditor or khexedit still exist or can they be compiled with build options?

On 11/09/2016 02:33 PM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Where do you use the katepart, inside Konqueror? Konqueror is still
> kdelibs4-based, and you need the old katepart (which seems to be the katepart4
> package in ArchLinux. The next version of Konqueror (part of KDE Applications
> 16.12) will be Frameworks-based, so you won't need katepart4.

Whoa -- what the heck?

  In dolphin, when I right click and choose 'File Type Options' ->
'Embedding', I see "Embedded Advanced Text Editor" I can choose for
'Left Click Action in Konqueror', but there is no 'Preview' available in
the Dolphin context menu,

  Then in konqueror, there is no "Embedded Advanced Text Editor"
available, just okular (because konqueror is still kde4?)

  If that's the case, then dolphin needs a 'Preview' context menu to
launch the text preview until konqueror is ported to FW5 (or whatever
the correct term for KDE5 is). I make use of 'Preview' all the time to
prevent launching kwite unnecessarily. Glad to see "Embedded Advanced
Text Editor" is still there, but with konqueror still KDE4 and dolphin,
not having a 'Preview', how do I use the "Embedded Advanced Text Editor"
to Preview with syntax highlight in the current build?

  I have a number of long scripts and a couple of files with several
hundred C-functions in them that I preview and copy/paste from, without
syntax highlight -- it all looks like one big text dump.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.