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Re: Review Request 129186: [baloo] Speedup Positioncodec::encode()

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src/codecs/coding.cpp (Diff revision 1)

NIT-PICKY: This looks like you commented something out and forgot to remove it.

src/codecs/coding.cpp (Diff revision 1)

QUESTION: I don't see anything here that would really need us to keep the original code around. Are we just keeping it around in case we find something wrong in this code later?

It kinda seems like we should remove it. If we do decide to keep this conditional, should we name it something more obviously related to this change?

src/codecs/coding.cpp (Diff revision 1)
    baTmp.resize((values.size() + 1) * 5);

PEDANTIC QUESTION: Why do we resize() rather than just using QByteArray((values.size() + 1) * 5, '\0')? I get that it's effectively the same thing, but it seems like it would be more concise to use the constructor.

- Michael Stemle

On November 5th, 2016, 11:39 p.m. UTC, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

Review request for Baloo, KDE Frameworks and Vishesh Handa.
By Christian Ehrlicher.

Updated Nov. 5, 2016, 11:39 p.m.

Repository: baloo


This patch speeds up PostingCodec::encode() by a factor of ~4 by not adding every single encoded int32 to the resulting bytearray which results in a lot of small memcpy operations. The idea is to use a preallocated QByteArray and directly encode the integers into this buffer. This makes the code a little bit more complex but the speedup should be gain enough for this.

Ping! No interest in this patch? Should I discard it?


positoncodectest calculates the same md5sum as before.


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