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Re: Review Request 129185: [baloo] Add a small benchmark for PositionCodec::encode()

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Review request for Baloo and Vishesh Handa.
By Christian Ehrlicher.

Updated Nov. 5, 2016, 11:33 a.m.


Submitted with commit 8ca69dcb32a38027f4ec319ae112ca382b145733 by Christian Ehrlicher to branch master.
Repository: baloo


This small test is used to test if the changes inside PostingCodec::encode() do not break anything. It also does some benchmarking to show the speedup.



  • autotests/benchmarks/positioncodecbenchmark.cpp (e7aeebf)
  • autotests/unit/codecs/CMakeLists.txt (f65d633)
  • autotests/unit/codecs/positioncodectest.cpp (PRE-CREATION)

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