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Updates to Git Infrastrcuture: Testing Requested


After almost a year in development and two complete re-writes, I've
just rolled out Propagator to our master Git server.

At this point, Propagator is handling mirroring to *ONLY GITHUB*. This
is due to two reasons - I haven't actually gotten around to writing
the plugin to push to our new Propagator-equipped Anongits yet -
that's still being done synchronously - but more importantly, if
Propagator fails to perform, out-of-sync GitHub mirrors will be a far
less severe issue to deal with than out-of-date Anongit mirrors.

Please keep an eye on the GitHub mirrors and inform us immediately if
something goes out of sync.

Once Propagator is fully rolled out, it should represent a vast
improvement to how pushes are handled at the server. Importantly,
since everything will be done asynchronously, Git pushes should become
much, much faster.

Boudhayan Gupta
KDE Sysadmin