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Re: Porting Notes: KNotifications sound theme

On Friday, 21 October 2016 17:30:10 CEST Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> KNotifications uses sound which you set in your .notifyrc file.
> To prevent overlapping files the name of the files were renamed when
> moving from kde-runtime to plasma-desktop.
> You will nedd to update your .notifyrc file for this, e.g.
>  Sound=KDE-Sys-Log-Out.ogg
> is now
>  Sound=Oxygen-Sys-Log-Out.ogg
> I've added this to
> https://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Porting_Notes#KNotifications_Changes
Can we do a global search&replace? If the only occurrencies are Sound=KDE..., 
then there are not many: