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Re: Season of KDE -- please add your ideas

On 08.10.2016 09:32, Alexander Semke wrote:
Hi Valorie,

Projects from past Seasons of KDE include new application features,
the KDE Continuous Integration system, new reporting for developers, a
web framework, porting and a lot of other work.
We would benefit a lot from some help on our new homepage:

1) improve and bring the documentation of the application and of the APIs to
the new sections on our site
2) create couple of examples in different themes (the new theme manager was a
GSoC2016-project) and add a show-case section for this on the webpage to
demonstrate this feature.

Can this be qualified as SoK-tasks?

Everything which you think needs the ~3 months time frame and improves our projects qualifies.

To get more feedback, you could state which application/homepage you are talking about :)