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Re: Scrap Baloo Thread Feedback

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 6:14 PM, Christoph Cullmann <cullmann@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I don't understand why all framework discussions must happen on the
>> same list. It just adds to a crazy amount of noise, which one then
>> needs to parse through.
> If you would have baloo-devel I could understand that point,
> but not with some other generic mailing list like kde-devel which
> has the same amount of noise and is not even dedicated to 'frameworks'
> or 'baloo'.

If you guys plans to use frameworks devel, then please change the
review requests.

It was just too much noise for me, and I found the noise/signal ratio
way lower in kde-devel. Baloo-devel was specifically not chosen as it
would just an another silo in kde. Nepomuk used to suffer from that.

Vishesh Handa