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Scrap Baloo Thread Feedback

Hey guys

I was told there is a thread about scrapping Baloo. All Baloo
discussion used to happen on kde-devel and that's where the review
requests go. It's the only reason I am still subscribed to kde-devel.

I must say, the thread is overall quite disappointing. There seems to
be no scientific or rationale cost based analysis of this. How about a
list of requirements and priorities are drawn up and then possible
solutions are evaluated according to it?

Right now, random requirements such as NFS and 32bit systems are
coming up. Are these really that important? I specifically designed
Baloo to not care about both network mounts and 32-bit systems. Yes,
Baloo has bugs and it won't handle more than 32bit-inodes. These
things, as all others, can be fixed. It's really a question of what is
important. Lets not target the outliers. Many of these decisions were
deliberately taken.

How about requirements such as resource consumption, ease of
integration, search speed are taken into consideration? Come on guys.
We're engineers over here.

(If the discussion continues on kde-frameworks-devel, I probably won't see it)

Vishesh Handa