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Re: baloo metadata scrapers


thanks for answering.

On Friday, 7 October 2016 10:44:02 CEST Vishesh Handa wrote:
> Hey Martin
> Baloo is only designed for searching for files. It is not a meta-data
> store. If the data you're extracting is present in the file, then it
> could potentially be added to Baloo.

It is not, I get that data from an external source (currently themoviedb).

> The important thing to look at is how to present the data, and how
> does the data help in searching. For example - providing the name of
> an actor in a movie could make the movie popup when searching for that
> name. This is great, however, the user needs to be given a clear
> explanation of why that file is in the search results.

Agreed, the dream actually is creating something along the lines of the 
multimedia library described on the nepomukport page[1] for potential use in 
Plasma Media Center.

I found https://community.kde.org/Baloo/Architecture since my email, and am 
now thinking of creating a new data/search store plugin.

> Our main search interface, krunner, isn't designed to provide this
> additional context. Therefore, adding actor information, is not
> something I would want to ship.


I'd like to ask for a few pointers though :
Does documentation on how to write new search/store plugins exist?
>From what I understood, I'll have to take care of storing the data myself. I 
see that baloo uses LMDB, Xapian and SQLite. Any pointers as to which db 
system (or a completely different one) is well adapted to this kind of use? At 
the moment I tend to lean towards LMDB, but have no real technical argument 
for it...



[1] https://community.kde.org/Baloo/NepomukPort#Bangarang