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Re: kdereview

Il 27 settembre 2016 22:06:35 CEST, Allen Winter <winter@xxxxxxx> ha scritto:
>On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 09:20:32 PM Burkhard Lück wrote:
>> Am Mittwoch, 21. September 2016, 11:01:18 CEST schrieb Allen Winter:
>> > I suggest we remove bodega-client, kdev-perforce, kdots, kor and
>kpeg from
>> > kde_projects.xml and virtually move them into scratch.
>> Any objections to move bodega-client, kdev-perforce, kdots, kor and
>kpeg to 
>> unmaintained?
>kdev-perforce should be moved into kdevplatform or kdevelop/plugins or
>I asked Ben to do that last week.  Not sure if that has been done yet.
>I have heard nothing about bodega-client, kdots, kor, kpeg since my
>initial inquiry.

I would leave kdev-perforce where it is until kdevelop 5.1 is released, as the code has been integrated there.