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KDE.org Modernization

Hello guys, everything ok?
Last night I tried to read the KDE dot story about the KDE Advisor Board on my smartphone and was very hard since kde.org isn't friend mobile.
For me, the KDE pages look like too static, and a dynamism could be a good way to present KDE and make easy the life of the people that access the site to find the information that they need.
A few weeks ago an ex GSoC student from Fossassia, Aayush Arora, reached me out on facebook and asked me how he could contribute to KDE, and his skills are with web development.
I'm a newbie in web development, so I don't know how hard would be to make this port to a modern website for KDE, or even if the community would be opened to it.
So that is the why that I'm writing this email =D
What do you think? People that works on the kde.org could give their opinions?
It's just an idea...
Lays Rodrigues
Software Developer at KDE
Computer Science Student at Federal Fluminense University
Telegram: @lays147
IRC: lays147
Phone: +55 22 999899467