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Re: Various CI build failures

Hi Ben,

for GCompris we are looking at it.

The issue is that 'cmake -E copy' only allows one file to be copied in cmake 3.2.2 but we can copy multiple files with more recent cmake. We'll fix it soon.


On 08/30/16 11:52, Ben Cooksley wrote:
Hi all,

The following projects currently fail to build on the CI system - can
the respective devels please investigate and fix?

- GCompris: Tries to use a CMake feature which the version on the CI
system does not support. Please restore compatibility with earlier
CMake versions (the CI system is not that old)

- Plasma SDK: Your dependency metadata is out of date - please update it.

- Smb4k: Your CMake version check is too aggressive, please restore

- KsCD: Appears to have identical development and stable branches for
KF5 which looks like a port in progress. Please remove the
non-released stable branch from the metadata.

- KIO GDrive: You appear to be missing dependencies for your build,
please file a sysadmin request to have that dependency made available.

- KMouth: Qt Text To Speech - does anyone know when this becomes available?

- Minuet: You are depending on a version of Qt which is not available
in stable releases at this time. Please restore compatibility with Qt

Additionally, would anyone mind if CI coverage were dropped for the following:

- Apper Qt 4 branches
- Kolor Manager (all versions)
- libechonest Qt 5 branches
- libqgit2 Qt 4 branches
- Plasma Mediacenter Qt 4 branches
- telepathy-logger-qt Qt 4 branches