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Re: Kaffeine bugreport complaint

On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 9:04 PM, Daniel Nicoletti <dantti12@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2016-08-10 15:42 GMT-03:00 Markus Rechberger <mrechberger@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Some people are using that and the patch obviously is a FIX.
>> It has been mentioned that it will take weeks until the proposed way
>> would be available.
>> Until then the code in question is uninitialized.
> You are a company, help this get's finished sooner.
>> There is absolutely no reason to not fix it.
>> This code has been unmaintained for years but it is still getting
>> picked up by distributions.
>> It is worth nothing to point out that now all the distributions who
>> pull this version have to fix it (while it worked with the version
>> before Mauro has touched it).
> It was, so you could have picked the maintainership. Now he stepped
> up and is working on it and you show up complaining and what not.
>> We manufacture devices and support not only Linux. I think everyone
>> should be happy if manufacturers directly support linux (regardless of
>> opensource or not - those who don't like it aren't forced to buy
>> them).
>> And those devices are available since 2008 as well.
>> Kaffeine is the only project having problems at the moment, all other
>> ones directly query /dev/dvb directly and they have no problem.
> I really think you should pay him a beer ;)
>> That said if this is the attitude of the KDE project in general please
>> let me know it should also be a good lesson for other manufacturers to
>> avoid digging into KDE projects and just support other projects.
> It's called respect, and we respect his maintainership, if I were unhappy
> I'd probably fork it. Manufacturers are making money out of our software
> so either pay him or leave him alone.
>> As mentioned the bugfix is 3 lines, any sane person would just add it
>> everything else is absolute nonsense.
>> The noise this has to generate is just unbelievable.
> You are generating noise. There is no point in noise, nor will you get
> attention here, if you were a bit smart you could have worked on another
> kind of patch/approach.

there's a potential 5 digit number of devices since 2008 not working
with it right now if this is
successful and deserves respect sorry I do not second that.

There are alternatives available, VLC, vdr, tvheadend, etc. they all
work fine and they never had
any issue with device detection by querying /dev/dvb.

Obviously you need a device in order to make this application useful
most people out there
don't have any devices but those ones who have are now affected.

Any argument making or keeping support away from that (since it
already existed and only needs 3 lines of code to fix the problem) is
more than ridiculous.

Don't expect me to be friendly to anyone supporting breaking working
applications, only idiots do that and fully accept that.

Best Regards,
Markus Rechberger