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Re: kde on windows

Am 31.07.2016 um 07:32 schrieb Doug:

I don't know what you think you've accomplished by limiting KDE on
Windows to just 4 files. Sometimes it's necessary to use Windows, and it
is (WAS!) nice to
be able to use some KDE apps: Artha, KSnapshot, Dolphin, Find
Files-Folders, Okular, Gwenview, KPatience. And Kate--the only file you
left me that I use!
And I don't want Amarok--that seems to be what you get if you're not

there are likely not enough developer ressources to make windows a first class class target of KDE and before developer ressources are wasted for windows which could help to make the Linux version more stable und bugfree i would not want them wasted

I have several computers, and several Windows installs, as well as PCLOS
on all of them. I use PCLOS about 95% of the time, but when I need Windows,
damn it! I need it!

virtualization exists

Please reconsider your dismal advice and let me have the apps that make
Windows bearable! (32 and 64 bit, please!)

oh, i386 needs also to be actively supported for new software in 2016 - seriously?

Thanx--Doug McGarrett, KDE user for over 5 years

so a very new one (KDE 1.0 AFAIR was 1998-2000)

PS: Please advise me if or when you bring back the apps!

when somebody cares enough to do the work

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