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kde on windows


I don't know what you think you've accomplished by limiting KDE on Windows to just 4 files. Sometimes it's necessary to use Windows, and it is (WAS!) nice to be able to use some KDE apps: Artha, KSnapshot, Dolphin, Find Files-Folders, Okular, Gwenview, KPatience. And Kate--the only file you left me that I use! And I don't want Amarok--that seems to be what you get if you're not careful!

I have several computers, and several Windows installs, as well as PCLOS on all of them. I use PCLOS about 95% of the time, but when I need Windows,
damn it! I need it!

Please reconsider your dismal advice and let me have the apps that make Windows bearable! (32 and 64 bit, please!)

Thanx--Doug McGarrett, KDE user for over 5 years

PS: Please advise me if or when you bring back the apps!