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Re: The situation of KWallet, and what to do about it?

On Wednesday, 2016-07-13, 11:41:14, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> On 11.07.2016 22:29, Mark Gaiser wrote:

> > As far as i can tell, QtKeyChain isn't a keychain at all, it's a wrapper
> > around platform specific keychains that provides a unified interface for
> > keychain functionality. It itself doesn't implement a keychain (or it does
> > on windows?).
> Yes, QtKeychain wraps available keychains from the platform it runs on.
> However: "Since Windows does not provide a service for secure storage
> QtKeychain uses the Windows API function CryptProtectData to encrypt the
> password with the user’s logon credentials. The encrypted data is then
> persisted via QSettings."
> On Linux we could use GNOME Keyring, but if we don't want that, we'd of
> course still have to implement our own backend. The advantage would be that
> it would be much easier to replace that at any point without having to
> adapt applications.

If QtKeychain, or any other multiplatform API, can use the SecretService API 
on Linux, then we could just require such an implementation to be available 
and let the distributors decide whether they want to fulfill that with gnome-
keyring (assuming it is-a SecretService daemon).

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