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Re: The situation of KWallet, and what to do about it?

* Thomas Pfeiffer <thomas.pfeiffer@xxxxxxx> [2016-07-13 11:41:14 +0200]:

> On Linux we could use GNOME Keyring, but if we don't want that, we'd of
> course still have to implement our own backend. The advantage would be that
> it would be much easier to replace that at any point without having to adapt
> applications.

There alre already well established solutions for password management
that tend to become widespread. We should provide KDE API for the main
one or two of them, and avoid re-inventing the wheel here. Users will
only be very happy if they can integrate their favourite password
manager with KDE.

The KDE API may compatible with KWallet's API, so existing application
won't need porting.

Valentin Rusu