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Re: Review of special packager access

Hi Ben,

for Ubuntu I would be the relevant contact until someone says otherwise and we're very much still there ;)

While I'll look at the old keys soon, would it help you if we put a #Contact: at the top of the key list? Or do you have another place where that can be set?

Philip Muskovac
Kubuntu Developer

Am 08.07.2016 um 13:39 schrieb Ben Cooksley:
Hi all,

My apologies if you're not a packager or someone associated with a
distribution - you can ignore this email. Packagers, please read on as
this contains important details.

First: If you're a packager, please ensure you are subscribed to
kde-distro-packagers@xxxxxxx, which is our usual list for
communicating with packagers. It would seem a number of you are
missing from there :)

Prompted by a recent email I took a look at the list of accounts (one
per distribution) which are provided in order to facilitate early
access to packages - however for many i've no idea who would be the
relevant point of contact.

I'd therefore like for someone from each distribution to please
confirm that their distro is still active and who can serve as a
general point of contact for that distribution. It would also be
appreciated if folks could check over their ~/.ssh/authorized keys
file and remove any outdated keys.

If your distribution has completely lost access, please have someone
with an email address belonging to that distribution's domain email
sysadmin@xxxxxxx to sort that out.

KDE servers normally use a format something like this to clearly label
whose key(s) are whose, for those that might find it helpful.:

## Name <email.address@domain>

## Next Name....

The list of accounts, which should approximately correspond to
distributions, is as follows:

- Active
- Aix
- Aosc
- Archlinux
- Arklinux
- Asplinux
- Bluewhite64
- Chakra
- Conectiva
- Crux
- Darwin
- Debian
- Exherbo
- Fedora
- FreeBSD
- Gentoo
- Kaos
- Mageia
- Magic
- Mandriva
- Meego
- NetBSD
- OpenBSD
- PCLinuxOS
- Redhat
- Rpath
- Siduction
- Slackware
- Slamd64
- Tld
- Tru64
- Tukaani
- Turbo
- Ubuntu
- Uludag
- Uoirix
- Uomandriva
- Uosolaris
- Vine
- Yellow
- Yoper

In two weeks time we'll go ahead and disable ones we don't get a response from.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin