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Re: Tips on developing KRunner plug-ins with Qt Creator?

El dimecres, 22 de juny de 2016, a les 11:59:09 CEST, Giacomo Alzetta va escriure:

> Hi all,

> I've been trying to develop some KRunner plug-ins for plasma 5 using Qt

> Creator (no cmake) but it seems like they all fail to actually run, so I

> wanted to ask here if somebody could help me understand what's going wrong.


> For example look at:


> https://github.com/Bakuriu/MyTestRunner


> it's the simplest KRunner plug-in I can think of: you type XYZ in KRunner

> and the plug-in simply provides an exact match that says "You typed XYZ".

> AFAICT the implementation of the code is correct, as I have followed the

> tutorial, so the issue shouldn't be that the runner is being called but it

> doesn't work... it's that it's not being called at all. The code compiles

> and produces a shared library. (You can try to run "sudo ./INSTALL" to

> build and install that plug-in)


> Now if I copy the shared library to the "kf5-config --qt-plugins" directory

> with the

> name mentioned in the ".desktop" file and I put the desktop file under own

> of the

> paths in "kf5-config --path services" I believe KRunner should now load it.


> However even after doing "kquitapp krunner && krunner" to restart the runner

> it

> seems like my runner is not being called at all.


> Could someone tell me what's wrong with what I'm doing?


You may want to try the plasma-devel mailing list.






> Thanks in advance.