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Re: [kde-community] Please participate in our survey for input on KDE's Mission

On 28/06/16 23:16, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> It looks like especially WikiToLearn, but also Applications are a bit 
> underrepresented compared to how many people are contributing to them overall.
> I'm now also sending this to the wikitolearn mailing list (yes, I should have 
> done that before) and hope that we'll get more community members to participate 
> in the survey, especially (but not only) applications and WtL contributors.

Not exactly what a statistican would call a "randomly sampled poll"
though. ;)

I trust you are aware of the biasing the amount of participants from the
different areas introduces and aim to provide the results of the poll in
a form which is transparent with respect to this bias.


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