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Re: [kde-community] Please participate in our survey for input on KDE's Mission

On 28.06.2016 22:53, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
Hi Thomas,

On Thursday 16 June 2016 12:02:48 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
Dear fellow KDE contributors,
as already hinted at in the article about KDE's Vision [1], the next step in
setting our path into the future is defining KDE's Mission statement. Right
after our Vision was published, a group of people started drafting a
Mission statement and discussing it on the kde-community mailing list.

While we agreed on most aspects of the Mission, it became obvious that on
some key issues, we just had quite different individual opinions. Even if
an individual opinion prevailed in our discussion, we would not know
whether that opinion was shared by the majority of the KDE community. This
is a problem, because especially in a volunteer-driven community where a
Mission cannot be enforced from the top down, it can only have a practical
effect if the majority of those doing the work agree with it. However it
became obvious that not that many KDE contributors both had the time and
were comfortable with contributing to the discussion on the mailing list.

Therefore, in order to still be able to find out what the majority of the
community considers the right approach towards our Vision, we set up an
online survey, hoping that this would make it easier for people to voice
their opinion in an easy, anonymous way. Since we always focus on our
users, we are also interested in the opinion of interested users, so we
opened up the survey for everyone.

So, please Participate in our survey:


It should not take more than 5-10 minutes and providing your input on what
KDE should do will help us move towards our Vision!

Thank you,
Thomas and the KDE Mission team

how long do you want to leave the survey actually open ?


Hi Alex,
thank you for reminding me of that email I've been wanting to write.
We have currently 1250 complete responses, which is great!

The problem is, however, that only 145 of those are actually from KDE contributors.
Those 145 are contributing to these projects (it was a multiple selection question, so the numbers add up to more than 145):
Plasma: 			45
Applications 			99
Frameworks 			41
WikiToLearn  			11
Meta (sysadmin, web, ...) 	35

It looks like especially WikiToLearn, but also Applications are a bit underrepresented compared to how many people are contributing to them overall.

I'm now also sending this to the wikitolearn mailing list (yes, I should have done that before) and hope that we'll get more community members to participate in the survey, especially (but not only) applications and WtL contributors.

It's great to get so much feedback from our users, but the main target audience for the survey was the community.

I will leave the survey (still under
http://survey.kde.org/index.php/858172/lang-en ) open until Friday night to give those reading this a chance to participate, then I will analyze the results.

So please everyone who has not participated yet, take this chance to express where you want to see KDE go!