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Tips on developing KRunner plug-ins with Qt Creator?

Hi all,
I've been trying to develop some KRunner plug-ins for plasma 5 using Qt 
Creator (no cmake) but it seems like they all fail to actually run, so I 
wanted to ask here if somebody could help me understand what's going wrong.

For example look at:


it's the simplest KRunner plug-in I can think of: you type XYZ in KRunner 
and the plug-in simply provides an exact match that says "You typed XYZ".
AFAICT the implementation of the code is correct, as I have followed the 
tutorial, so the issue shouldn't be that the runner is being called but it 
doesn't work... it's that it's not being called at all. The code compiles and 
produces a shared library. (You can try to run "sudo ./INSTALL" to build and 
install that plug-in)

Now if I copy the shared library to the "kf5-config --qt-plugins" directory 
with the 
name mentioned in the ".desktop" file and I put the desktop file under own of 
paths in "kf5-config --path services"  I believe KRunner should now load it.

However even after doing "kquitapp krunner && krunner" to restart the runner 
seems like my runner is not being called at all.

Could someone tell me what's wrong with what I'm doing?

Thanks in advance.