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Broken Builds

Hi all,

On the CI system there are currently a number of broken builds which
have occurred in recent times. It would be appreciated if folks could
fix those.

They are:
- Cervisia (latest-qt4): Likely outdated build metadata, it looks to
be trying to build Frameworks/Qt 5 code in the Qt 4 environment
- kdepim-runtime (stable-kf5-qt5): Missing *.ui file, or alternatively
the build system is not setup to handle highly parallel compilation
and attempts to use the output of the header generation process before
it has been produced.
- khotkeys (kf5-qt5): Missing plugin metadata file, or also lacking
setup for highly parallel compilation.
- kdeconnect-kde (both variants): Appears to be missing a header or
include path setup.
- kmymoney (kf5-qt5): Missing plugin metadata file, or lack of setup
for highly parallel compilation.
- PIM in general (all variants): Has broken binary/source
compatibility in it's various libraries, causing numerous builds to
fail. Please be more careful with the changes you make. I've performed
the necessary rebuilds to fix this.